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Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Coach & Healer Honest, raw, restorative, freeing, fulfilling, intense, insight, given with nurturing compassion, and a little bit of fun.

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A reading is a wondrous and exquisite tool for gaining insight into the many “unknowns” of life.

If you are at a time in your life when you are seeking personal, professional, or relationship guidance, Maria can help.

Maria’s clients appreciate her gift of spiritual guidance and her ability to help them discover universal truths, clarity, and connection from within.

How Maria’s Readings Work

Anything with energy is readable. Look at the animal kingdom, for example. A dog growls at a bad person or wags its tail at a nice person. Animals run to the mountains three days prior to a tidal wave. How does an animal know these things? The answer is that they feel energy. Again, they feel energy.

This is done through all their heightened senses. And we as humans all have this gift.

Using her developed senses, Maria is able to detect illness in the body, emotional distress, and mental states. During your session she will express what her senses have indicated and also answer your questions. She believes in telling the truth of what she sees because it gives you control over future outcomes and current conditions.

Benefits of a Reading

  • Clarity about your current physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and relationship status.
  • Tools to assist you in changing your destiny.
  • Freedom from ties that hold you back from more happiness.
  • Freedom from complex holdings regarding those who have passed away.
  • Pave a desired entry for unborn children.
  • Clear home and space of old stuck energies.
  • Clear illnesses such as ED (and other sexual dysfunctions), PTSD, OCD, ADHD.
  • Become alive again.
  • Connect with those who you can’t understand, such as those with autistic, alzheimer’s, and or schizophrenic tendencies.
  • A cleansing in your energy and freedom from guilt or blame.
  • Understanding of rational time frames for situations to evolve and change.
  • Freedom.
  • Focus.
  • Peace.
  • Love.

Types of Readings and Price List

  • Animal medicine card readings of Past Present and Future (Similar to Tarot)
  • Aura Readings
  • Handwriting Analyses
  • Tea Leaf Readings
  • Lipstick
  • Print Readings
  • Object Readings
  • Palm Readings
  • Egg Readings
  • Medical Intuitive Readings
  • Sexuality Clearings
  • Sexuality Healing Readings
  • Connecting with those who have passed (Mediumship)
  • Channeling
  • Home Readings
  • Home/Space Clearings

$35.00 - 15 minute phone or Skype only
$75.00 - 30 minute phone or Skype only
$150.00 - 60 minute in person or event

Other Related Services

Maria, the Reverend Ceremony Officiant
Ordained by the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. Maria would love to officiate and prepare you for your wedding/ commitment ceremony, as well as other rites of passage.

  • Couples Readings and Pre­Wedding Consultations
  • Weddings Ceremony (traditional and non­traditional couples)
  • Renewal of Vows Ceremony
  • Divorce Ceremony
  • Baby Naming or Welcoming Ceremony

$250.00 - 2 hour Consultation and Planning
$250.00 (optional) - 2 hour Rehearsal
$800.00-$1500.00 - Ceremony

How It All Began Bio

Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Coach & Healer

With a lifetime of experience as an expert "sensitive", Maria has artfully combined her lifelong interests in psychology, wellness and spirituality with her unique gift for reading people’s thoughts and emotions. 

She awakens clients to their own energy and helps them choose a more joyful path. She witnesses the wellness in everyone and their potential of optimal success. Her mission is to help clients clear blocked energies and create a harmonious, balanced life.

In addition to her regular clientele, throughout her psychic career, Maria has read for high profile celebrities, politicians and prominent CEOs.

Maria is also available for and regularly booked to read at private parties and events. Notable clients include MSNBC, Oxygen Network, NBC Universal, Single And The City and The CW Network.

Maria's clients appreciate her gift of spiritual guidance and her ability to help them discover universal truths, clarity and connection from within.

As a child and throughout her developing years Maria had a distinct ability to sense a person, place, or thing in its current true state. She also discovered that she had the ability to predict the future behaviors, occurrences, or health issues.

It was natural for Maria, when meeting someone new, to be able to see through to the truth, the unconscious self, even if the person was not addressing it. And she would speak this truth.

Sometimes this caused discomfort for people with secrets or unknown illnesses.

In time, Maria decided that this was not a socially accepted way to talk to most people.

Yet, she always knew the truth that lived in everyone she met.

And she still had the gift.

In her early twenties it was suggested by friends that Maria pursue a career as an Intuitive Reader. And since then Maria began to build her practice.

For the last 20 years, Maria has developed and shared her gift with others, helping individuals to find their truth, and move toward health and wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Maria graduated from School of Visual Arts with BFA and Art Therapy Certification. During her preparation for this degree she facilitated art therapy groups for victims of sexual trauma, HIV and AIDS patients, pregnant teens, and drug addicts in recovery.

Her work in the Pediatric ICU at Maimonides Medical Center, in NY was particularly profound. While helping children feel safe while undergoing harsh medical procedures, she was also able to use her gift and tune in to their problems to prevent further drastic situations.

While living in California, she also studied Jin Chin Accutouch and Ancient Cupping.

She is an Interfaith Minister and Officiates at weddings and funerals.

Her short autobiographical film about her personal history won an award in NYC’s “Two Boots Film Festival”, plus screened for SASS and ARIA NY seminars.

Since 2012 she has been a national public speaker for S.M.A.R.T. educating others by sharing her story of survival, strength and wisdom.


I have known Maria for day she put her hand on my chest and said, “ You’re not well.... how are you need to see someone”...a few months later I had a massive heart RCA was 98 % blocked. She is the real deal- she knew. I was 37 at the time. I highly recommend her.
M M. Lake Como, PA (fine artist and restorations)

I've utilized the services of NYC Love Guide (Maria Pirone) and had her do "Love & Relationship" Tarot readings at my singles parties & events. They are a hit. I've even had singles come to parties where I didn't have Maria booked, and as soon as they find out she's not going to be there, they ask if they can switch to a party where she is reading.
Maria is very insightful and the reading she did for me prior to hiring her was pretty dead-on (and this is coming from a skeptic.) I would suggest the full hour reading to get as much as you can out of it. I find her individual and group reading rates to be pretty reasonable for NYC standards.
Kat S. New York, NY (marketing)

To all those wishing to receive a reading that is very accurate Maria Pirone is who you're looking for. I've had dozens and dozens of readings in my life but none compared to those I received from Maria. Her senses and her perceptions are on point and she is very specific. I found others have been more vague and incomplete. I was able to record the session, which was my favorite part. Maria is not someone who will try to sell you things that can "heal" you. Instead, she will guide you in the proper direction through her accurate reading. I've been to her twice already and will continue to see her. She's really THAT good!!!
L D. Staten Island, NY (chef)

In my first private session with Maria she told me I was full of anger and this is what was turning guys off. I had lots of frustration being single and wanted to fix the problem. She told me I need kick boxing and it would help.
I though this was bull but decide to listen. In that year I took kickboxing and dumped all the jerks that never wanted to get serious with me. I started to feel different. It’s true I was less angry. I decided to book another reading with Maria several months later. She said.” OMG you look so amazing and feminine. You are receptive, soft and strong - not angry any more.”
I felt amazing and had the good news of telling her how her advice worked and I was dating a very nice guy who was treating me better then ever before.
Christine L. NYC (corporate)

I booked a session after getting a 5 min reading from Maria at a singles event. She made me so curious. I always thought because I was fat I did not attract any one. Maria said,” it s not your fat that gets in the way-It’s your fear of being sexual.”
I had been in some therapy before but it never hit me like this. She helped me see no matter if I was fat or thin the truth is sex was scary to me. I decided to date on- line anyway and challenge my confusion around being touched. Thanks Maria.
Jenna C. NJ (legal assistant)

Maria gave me a reading at a fireman singles party. I just sat down because she was hot, but I came to realize she knew stuff about me that freaked me out. She said it would take me 2 years to meet a woman that I liked because I have other endeavors outside of work.
At that time I took up acting and landed a couple of cool roles and sure enough I was engaged two years after my reading with Maria. How did she see that?
Sean M. PA (firefighter, actor)

I first came across Maria at a singles event I attended where she was doing complimentary readings. My reading was only for five minutes, but based on the insights she provided in that short amount of time I was pretty much hooked and booked her for a full reading. The hour reading I did was well worth the price. I've had readings before and didn't feel they were genuine. Maria is very intuitive and has made me a believer. If you're looking for guidance in love or life it's worth checking her out.
Timothy B. Manhattan, NY (accountant, DJ)

Maria is fantastic. Highly recommend her service. Her reviews are authentic and I utilize her service any time I am in need of guidance or clarity. She's an amazing adviser and her intuition is an amazing gift. If you're looking for a reading give her a shot. I've referred several friends and have only heard positive feedback.
Dawn L. New York, NY (occupational therapy)

NYC Love Guide was recommended to me by a friend. I did my reading virtually over Skype and was very skeptical going in. Maria has a brilliant sense of intuition. She provided amazing guidance and insight into my current relationship situation, which is what I was hoping to get out of the session. Needless to say, I will stick with her advice moving forward and would highly recommend her service.
Samantha s. Austin, TX (nursing)

I was fortunate enough to find Maria several years ago through a friend. She has done several readings for me and each time she is so accurate!
She is intuitive and caring and genuinely a good person. You can tell when she is doing a reading for you that she wants to give the best advice for what she sees is in your future.
I am always so impressed with her accuracy. I have since recommended her to friends who have also used Maria for guidance on everything from love to work and just life in general.
Maria is the person to visit if you have ever wanted to see a psychic but were skeptical, as she truly has an innate natural ability to predict what your life has in store for you.
Jen I. New York, NY (hedge funds)

I had Maria do a reading for me based on a recommendation of a friend. I had just gone through a tough break-up and was looking for some kind of closure or validation that was impossible for me to get from the person. After my hour reading with Maria I seriously felt validated and able to move on. I highly recommend getting a reading by her if you're looking for guidance in love or life. It’s definitely worth the money.
Nader D. New York, NY


*Rev. Maria Pirone is neither a medical doctor nor practicing therapist. She will happily refer clients elsewhere if needed. She is not responsible for how clients may interpret the intuitive information. 


Select Clients

In addition to her regular clientele and private one-on-one readings, throughout her psychic career, Maria has read for high profile celebrities, politicians, prominent CEOs and has been regularly booked to read at private parties and events. Notable clients include MSNBC, Oxygen Network, NBC Universal, SingleAndTheCity, The CW Network, who booked her to read for the cast of Gossip Girl, the cast of Law & Order, Vogue Magazine, MTV and more, including:

Oxygen Network
Parsons School of Design 
Marc Jacobs 
Discovery Channel
Yacht Events NYC
Barnes and Noble
Discovery Channel
Morning Joe Cast 
FDNY Events
Jacob Javitz Center NYC 
Bloomberg Events
The Rainbow Room 
Mt. Sinai Hospital 

Wall Street
Bongar Biz 
Self Magazine
Real Simple Magazine
Goldman Sachs
Avalon New York 
JP Morgan
Bowl Mar Lanes NY 
Morgan Stanley 
Sloan Kettering 
The Cutting Room NY 
Trump Towers 
Bellevue Hospital 
Reiki Arts Continuum
National Arts Club NY 
Elijah Foundation 
Time Warner
Party Productions NYC 

Macy's Herald Square New York 
Marquee NY 
Chelsea Piers
Om Yoga Center 
Maxim Magazine 
The Highline Hotel 
Rothstein Kass 
Family Office Group 
The Fashion Spot 
Single And The City 
Tavern on the Green 
On Speedating
National Arts Club NY
California Psychics
Rock L Productions
NY Sketches